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Financial and Retirement



Our advisors will evaluate your current and future financial state by using currently known variables to predict your financial needs. In order to develop an adequate financial plan, our BCWM advisors will use your current net worth, tax liabilities, asset allocation and future retirement plans to determine if your goals are achievable. If not, how to make the necessary changes or steps to ensure they are.  




                              Fixed Income- Municipal and Corporate Bonds 

                              Mutual Funds

                              Exchange Trade Funds (ETFs)


                              Public offerings 



                                Managed Accounts

                              Separate Managed accounts


                              Education Planning Services

                              529 College Savings Plan


                              Retirement planning

                              IRA- Traditional, Roth, Rollover

                              SEP IRA

                              401 K

                              403 B 401 K Plans 

                              401 K Plans 

                              Estate Planning

                              Charitable Trusts

                              Family Foundations

                              Trust accounts



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