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What We Are All About

Our Mission: “a trusted advisor for a modern and sophisticated client”. The overall goal of Blue Chip Wealth Management is to become the first choice as trusted financial advisor to affluent and high net worth business owners and entrepreneurs, providing a clear wealth management process with our experience, discipline, professionalism, and most important always act in the best interest of our clients

Currently, Blue Chip serves high net worth individuals from United States, Latin America and other parts of the world, specializing in wealth preservation, providing a blend of high-tech analysis based on proprietary research methods coupled with high-touch, and personalized service. 



Our Values:

  • Commitment: Organizational skills, punctuality and quick response to our customers and prospects is our key to our excellence success.


  • Integrity: honesty is our main pillar to build the trust of our clients.


  • Relationships: Knowing our clients is the main priority to our core of values. This allows us to come closer to our clients’ needs and wants, in order to execute their goals in the most productive way.  

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